Life is not boring inside the monastery

“Dili gyud nga boring ang kinabuhi sa convento (Life is not boring inside the monastery)!”  Community life, living with one another and leading one another to Christ, is one of the main pillars of the life the Brothers of Saint John desire to live.  Brothers can come from many different countries, have different personalities and backgrounds, but they all strive to make of their monastery a place of true fraternal love and joy.  Concretely, this common life is expressed through doing different services around the house: praying together, going on mission together, and even playing sports or relaxing together.

At the heart of all these activities accomplished sometimes in silence but always with great concern for one another, the brothers strive to offer their time to their brothers and to God.  “Outside of the monastery, you can say to yourself, “this is my time.  I can do what I want with my time.”  But inside the convent, all your time, you give it to God.  Everything is for God.”  Even though living with and cooperating with others can be a challenge at time, the brothers have the experience that “my brothers are the reason for my joy.”

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