Every brother of Saint John was, at one time, attracted to the religious life and spurred on by the Holy Spirit to consecrate himself completely to God.  Their stories are very diverse.  One brother says, “I came back (from visiting the priory) so happy and my friends were so surprised to see me so happy.  I felt the life of the brothers…. The way they sang, the way they adored… and I wanted to be like them.”  Another brother says, “a particular priest of Saint John used to come and help us out (with his youth ministry), and I was attracted by his witness of poverty and by the reverence with which he celebrated the mass.”

Every one of us has a vocation in life, but, for the brothers of Saint John, the heart of this response is a life of adoration completely focused on Jesus.  Responding to his call is not something to postpone because we are called everyday to a life of holiness.  Over and beyond this universal call to holiness, we should make sure that our hearts are open to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and not be afraid to follow his call.

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