Search for Wisdom

Searching for Truth and Wisdom is one of the important pillars of the life of the Brothers of Saint John.  By using their intelligence to search for God and for the meaning of their lives, they give their journey towards God and their religious consecration a special note of authenticity.  “Wisdom is to know where we are coming from and where we are going.  If we don’t know where we are going, we are like animals.”  Searching for Wisdom is also a way to help us encounter the world with an intelligent and penetrating gaze, a quality not often seen today.  “It’s striking that people don’t know where they are going.

They just follow the flock.  They just take everything that comes from the culture without knowing, “but, for what?  For which purpose?””  It’s one thing to refine our intelligence to know how to see the world with new eyes, but, as religious, the brothers’ main reason for searching for the Truth is to consecrate their minds to God.  “I am not giving my mind to something a bit crazy.  I’m giving my mind to God who is so much wiser than me.”

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