This will happen…

This is the House we want to build for our Mission

Would you like to park your car here (or just getting out of the jeepney) and enter for a time of prayer with the Brothers? Can you imagine a group of high school students attending a formation in the conference room? Would you like to come and have time to talk to priest?

This is what we want here. When you look at these video of our future apostolic priory, imagine the faces of those who will live and come here. We aren’t building only walls, but a home. And we hope that you can help us.

Our project is now moving forward and thanks to the help of many friends, we see that it’s possible to achieve this dream! However, we need more partners and support. As you can see, it’s quite a job to be done!

We know that we can count on you. Together, we pray for God’s help.

The Brothers of Saint John in Cebu, Philippines


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Our vision is a city where young people can grow in their faith, in the sense of their responsibility. Inspired by this vision, we want to establish a new house for the mission of the Brothers of Saint John in Cebu City.