You have Ran the Race!

You have ran the race…

“I was a scholar for almost 9 years and there were so many memories and experiences that are worth remembering, the camps, talks, retreats, outings, gatherings and other activities. They helped me in my personal and spiritual development.” – Jessa

“I was grade one when I was recommended by my teacher to be a scholar of Saint John. It helped me so much that I could not imagine myself now if I was not part of this scholarship. In my almost 14 years in Saint John and EDM…I want to leave them this message: Strive hard to reach your dreams…put God always in the center of everything you do.” – Kate

“When we feel encouraged and most of all loved we can go beyond our fear and we can succeed…

Almighty God, thank you for sending me these people who guided me in my journey. Thank you for not leaving me during the times I can’t stand anymore. You made me realize that your plans are better than mine.” – Cheerly

The St. John scholarship program helps students from poor families to have access to education. But more than that, this program also offers a community, a family, where these young people can encounter Jesus in one another. Our scholars are asked to participate in events such as retreats, youth camps, outings, and other fun activities.  On many occasions, they are able to showcase their amazing talents.  During the Pakig-ambit (a fundraising dinner for the building of the new apostolic priory of the brothers), the scholars entertained our guests with their graceful dances.  On the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the community, they also performed a very creative dance drama on the “Wedding Feast of Cana”.  Indeed they are not only given books and school supplies, but they also receive the gift of friendship, love, joy, self-confidence, and discipline through the different encounters and activities organized throughout the year.  The St. John Scholarship is truly a holistic program not only for academic education, but also for self-development, and discovering an intimate relationship with God.  It is true that they are really a part of the St. John family. Our young children who are the future of this nation. Our young children who give us so much joy and inspiration by their simplicity, their innocence, their laughter, their service. We also find Jesus in each and every one of them!

Jessa, Kate and Cheerly are three of our scholars who finished their Bachelor’s Degree this year.  They have strived hard to achieve their dreams. And now their hard work has definitely paid off. Indeed, we are so proud of our scholars who have reached certain milestones this year. As St. Paul would say, “you have run the race” and now “you have received the price”. Great job to all our graduates, honor students and special awardees! God bless you!

The new apostolic priory of the Brothers of St. John which will be built in Tabo-an Cebu, will also be a home to the Scholarship Program.  The apostolic priory will have a scholarship office at the service of our scholars.

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Our vision is a city where young people can grow in their faith, in the sense of their responsibility. Inspired by this vision, we want to establish a new house for the mission of the Brothers of Saint John in Cebu City.