Theatrical Christmas

“Kuyugan Tika” and a “Shepherd’s Story”

Two amazing youth groups…two original productions…

One evening of theater and fun!

Have you ever experienced walking casually in the mall, busy answering messages on your phone, nonchalant of the people around, when suddenly you realize that a celebrity is walking right beside you?!  Isn’t that a big surprise? A star struck moment!

Imagine if it is Jesus who is suddenly walking right beside you? Wouldn’t it be overwhelming to have God in your midst, and you didn’t even notice minutes before! The same thing happened to the characters in the first story of Theatrical Christmas.  The play entitled “Kuyogan Tika” was all about the innkeeper and her family, or should I say the hotel owner and her family. The play was set on a five-star hotel in Bethlehem, during the time of the census. The mother was so concerned about the business and her well to do guests and all her hotel problems. When some foreigners came to inquire about a star, she declared that her hotel is a five star hotel, not just one star! After some discussion with her “wise” guests, and the sudden arrival of a shepherd girl telling them about Angels who announced about a baby King born in a manger, she realized that the family whom she sent to the stable are the most important guests of all. And she didn’t even notice minutes before!  “A king? In my house?”, was her overwhelmed remark.  It was the most unbelievable thing she could ever have imagined to happen in her midst!  Of course the term “five-star hotel” was not yet invented at the time of Jesus.  But we can very well relate to this story.  Sometimes we are so busy and stressed out with our one thousand and one concerns that we didn’t even notice Jesus already in our midst.  “Kuyogan Tika” was written and directed by Br. Samuel Mary.  The cast were from the members of the School of Life.  The colorful characters of the story were tailored fit to their colorful characters in real life.

The second play was entitled “A shepherd’s story”.  This time, the story centered on the life of a shepherd named Tomas. Tomas had a difficult family life.  His wife left him alone with their children and many mouths to feed. As a mere shepherd, he found life hopeless and miserable. This misery led him to question the reality of God’s promise that he would send a Messiah, a Savior who would redeem them. Great was his anger that he would not want to hear any talk about the Messiah from any of his fellow shepherds. Until one night, three children dressed in white came to wake them from sleep. The children said they were angels and they told the shepherds to look for the Child who is King. When they found the Baby, Tomas experienced a great conversion. He felt his stony heart being melted by the presence of the Child.  Great was his repentance that his fellow shepherds were so surprised by his change of heart. “A shepherd’s story” is also an original play written and directed by Floraldeah Moralde and translated to Cebuano by Christale Joy Moralde. The cast were from the St. John Scholars. The traditional Filipino setting, the incorporation of dances, and the use of very clear traditional Cebuano, made the whole story unique, vibrant, more dramatic and closer to the hearts of the audience.

Indeed, both plays have their own respective charm and creativity.  But they have one common message: The presence of God is truly life changing.  When you encounter God in your life, it is a very personal story you will never forget.

Congratulations to the School of Life, the St. John Scholars, the production team, and to everyone who made this night another awesome moment for the glory of God!

“Kuyogan Tika” and “A Shepherd’s Story” are the two original productions of Theatrical Christmas which happened last December 14, 2019, 7:00pm at the San Carlos Seminary College, Pope John Paul II Avenue, Mabolo Cebu City.  Theatrical Christmas is a fundraising production intended for the mission of the Brothers of St. John, especially for the School of Life Program and the Scholarship Program.  A big thank you to San Carlos Seminary College and to our generous benefactors who helped made the occasion possible.  Another big thank you to all those who attended and supported the event.

The new Apostolic Priory which will be built in Tabo-an, Cebu City, will be a place for the Scholars and the School of Life.  Theaters, productions, and other activities can take place in the big conference room or in the roof deck to showcase the God-given talents of our beloved youth. Your generous support for the project will go a long way to fulfill this dream.

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