Bring You Home

Bring You Home

“…’coz I can hear your voice

and I can feel your pain

I’m madly in love with you

and I won’t let you die

so I will run, and I will raise you up

on my shoulder

on the mountainside

to follow the echo of your cry

I will lay my life down to bring you home

,,,just to bring you home”

I believe that our Lord’s greatest desire is to bring all of us home to His heart. The above lines are taken from the song entitled “Bring You Home“, from the album Bring You Home, by Brother Samuel Mary, csj.

They say that “Music is the Language of the soul.” And I would say that this particular album is a music with a soul. Back in 2018, Bro. Samuel wrote his first song for the Santo Niño entitled  “My Unfading Joy“.  It’s a song we all love. And much to our delight, its music video won 2nd place in the 2020 Sinulog Film Festival, Music Video Category.  But I guess God did not stop there. He continued to inspire our faithful brother to write more songs for Him. It’s amazing how these songs have a completely unique character, different from the usual worship and gospel songs we often hear. I would say that its beat is kind of pop and modern, but as I listen, I cannot help but notice the contemplative nature of the whole music. It’s as if these songs are really fruits of prayer and adoration. I can almost hear the heart of the artist, as well as the Heart of God speaking through music.  It’s also interesting to note how most of the songs are inspired by Bible stories, such as the woman with the hemorrhage, the raising of Lazarus, and the Good Shepherd looking for the lost sheep.  Of course we all know these stories, but they are not necessarily the usual themes in Christian or Religious music.  Yet, as we listen, we can hear how beautifully each gospel account is expressed into song, bringing fresh light and depth to the Word of God.  In the song, for example, about the Good Shepherd, we read in scripture how the Good Shepherd searches for the lost sheep. But the song somehow describes the Shepherd running frantically, in great urgency, even risking his own life just to find the sheep. He does not only search for the lost sheep, but He is willing to lay down his life just to bring him home! Isn’t that a very touching and consoling message from God?

Indeed, this album “Bring You Home” is God’s blessing to all of us.  A big thank you to Br. Samuel Mary, to our benefactors, and to all our friends for their help and support in the completion of this work.  It’s quite providential that even in this time of quarantine, everything has been put into place. Truly God works in mysterious and melodious ways! (mgf)


The Album “Bring You Home” by Brother Samuel, will soon be available online.  And good news, you can also get it on CD!  Stay tuned for more details on how you can buy your own copy. Proceeds of the CD sales will go to the construction of the new Apostolic Priory of the Brothers of St. John in Tabo-an, Cebu.  Updates will be posted in this website and on our Facebook page – Brothers of St. John Cebu, or you may contact Grace at 0935 565 2706.
God bless!

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