Challenge Accepted!

Challenge Accepted!

Have you experienced this situation? You got a new Smartphone, but you feel very dumb because you don’t know yet how to use it. This might apply also for us when we are in front of the CCC. That is why we will try to understand how it works to become even smarter in reading it.

“Faith!” I guess the first thing which came to your mind was God, Jesus, or complicated words like Incarnation, Resurrection etc. But did you ever ask the question, what is faith? What are we doing when we believe? In season one of Vitamin CCC, we are going to make a step backwards in order to make big step forward for humanity. We will try to tackle questions like: Am I capable of knowing God? Does he make himself known to me? If yes how? Did you ever reply to a message from God? Maybe not, because you did not yet know the APP-Ostolic tradition?




  1. Class:
    CCC – How does this thing work man?
  2. Class
    You aren’t capable of God! – Challenge? Accepted!
  3. Class:
    Hey Man! I wanna meet you!
  4. Class:
    Of Divine Authorship, Sacred Copyrights and other Wordly Stuff.
    In one word…. The Word!
  5. Class:
    Don’t Stop believin’ – Journey…. of Faith
  6. Class: I believe / You believe / We believe we can touch the sky!

To know more about Vitamin CCC, check out Our Online Class.

Thank you so much for all those who registered for the first series of Vitamin CCC. We’re excited to start this class with you!

Registration is now closed for this first series but we look forward to accept new attendees for the next one.

Stay tuned! Stay safe!

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