A Powerful Father, A Loving Creator

Dear friends,

I’m quite excited to invite you to register in the second session of our Vitamin CCC, an online class on the Catechism of the Catholic Church!

I remember that day when my brother wrote me an e-mail in which he was asking me help about a question from his son. The boy was about 6 years old then and during breakfast, he suddenly turned to his Dad and asked, still with hot chocolate on his lips… “Dad, who is the father of God the Father?” What could we answer to this boy? Certainly not by saying: “Just finish your bread, it’s time to go to school now, we’ll see that later!” My nephew asked something very important and as much as he could receive, his Dad had to try to share some light…I’m sure that many parents have similar stories to tell.

So we are, with many questions about our Faith! In this class we’ll explore this part of the catechism that speaks about God who is Father and Creator. It’s the beginning of the Creed. How important it is today to know more about our Heavenly Father! Regarding the Creator, we may have also many questions:

One more thing: don’t think that you won’t be able to understand…! As a child of God, He has given you His Spirit so that you’ll believe and receive His Light! It’s not about academics and IQ. Maybe also you think that you don’t have a strong faith, and this is for “legendary gamers”, those who pray and go to Church always…No, there is no “level 10” here, your questions are more important than what you know already! Maybe your doubts and difficulties to believe can lead you to become closer to God.

Let us grow together in Faith!

This will give you an idea of the topics we’ll cover during this 2d session:

October 3: One Faith in One God, the implications of believing in One true God

October 10: Jesus-Christ, you and me we have One Father

October 17: Three-in-One….what does it mean? The Trinity

October 24: Creation and Providence

October 31: God made… Stars, Beasts, Angels, Man and Woman

November 7: Man has fallen…

Vitamin CCC 2d session will start October 3, 2020 at 8pm until November 7. Every Saturday evening by videoconference 8 to 9.30pm.

Registration fee: 600php / 500php for those who participated to the 1st session.

If you’re interested, click the link here to register.