Empathic Listening Session

Have you ever felt truly listened to?  Listening ears are truly gifts from God!  They are gifts not only because it’s a privilege to be listened to but because God has given us all ears to listen to others.  Listening is a gift to be nurtured and developed.

An important part of the mission of the Faith Hub at the Saint Joseph Priory is to equip people to become more deeply disciples of Jesus and transmitters of the Gospel.  In order to serve we must know how to listen, to be attentive to the needs of others and give them a safe space to express themselves and the things they carry.

We were blessed that our good friend Mam Rizza (Maripaz Rizza E. Ong) to facilitate this training and workshop.  She has been a guidance counselor in USC for 20-plus years and knew how to transmit so much precious knowledge coming from the depth of her long experience of listening.

The attendees of the session were members of several groups who contribute to our mission.  These leaders left feeling equipped for their mission and ready to contribute to the work of building communities and spreading the Gospel.

Praise the Lord!!  More of these “Equip” session are coming soon, so stay posted!

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