How do I know I have a Vocation?

Go to a place where you could listen to God.
Christ is rooted in our hearts (Eph. 3: 17).

If you want to approach Him personally and listen to Him, it
is in your heart that you have to go.

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Why not Being a Brother of St. John?

Feeling at home.

One of the signs of the vocation to be a Brother of Saint John, is that you feel at home with our way of life.
It is a spiritual experience.

Only in a spiritual manner can we discern spiritual realities.

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What will happen to me if I enter the Congregation of the Brothers of Saint John?

Just be a normal person with a religious habit.
We are expecting from you to be an ordinary person who wants to follow Jesus as much as you can.

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To be a brother priest or a lay brother?

Why not being both?
Most of us are priests, but we all are brothers. We treasure brotherhood in such a way that nobody
knows who is the priest in the community except when we are at  Mass.

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Steps to become a Brother of Saint John


If you feel attracted to be a brother of Saint John, there are two steps to take for discernment and preparation to enter our community: Aspirancy and then Postulancy.  

The program of Aspirancy is the first step. It gives time for the aspirants to know the community better. It lasts a minimum of 9 months. Then, when the aspirant is sure, he asks to enter the brothers and thus become a postulant. Postulancy last 9 months and is the immediate preparation for Novitiate. Learn more…


Our vision is a city where young people can grow in their faith, in the sense of their responsibility. Inspired by this vision, we want to establish a new house for the mission of the Brothers of Saint John in Cebu City.