How do I know I have a Vocation?

Go to a place where you could listen to God.

“Christ is rooted in our hearts.” (Eph. 3: 17). If you want to approach Him personally and listen to Him, it is there that you have to go. 

How: Go to a silent place (your room, a Church, Adoration Chapel, nature), close your eyes and focus on Him who is constantly waiting for you. Next, speak to Him heart to heart. Ask and He will answer. Be aware that Jesus in the heart rarely speaks with words, but He speaks through the anointing of the Spirit. 

The Holy Spirit speaks in your life, in the Bible and in your heart.

“The Holy Spirit is the voice of God,” (Rev. 2: 7a) and “He instructs us” (Jn. 16: 13). He speaks inside each one of us as anointing (1 Jn. 2: 27) which means through inner consolations, joy, peace that indicate us the way; through inner lights which provide us unexpected understanding; though images that come to our conscience.

How: In order to receive theses communications from the Spirit, one has to observe the commandments of Jesus (Jn. 14: 15-17). All sinful actions sadden the Holy Spirit (Eph. 4: 30-31). In keeping one’s heart pure, one can perceive and recognize God (Mt. 5: 8). 

It is important to have a skilled companion.

In undertaking all these things, you will encounter, quite fast, a significant problem. In you, it is not only the Holy Spirit that speaks. Saint Ignatius of Loyola noticed that our thoughts come from three spirits: “that is, my own, which springs from my mere liberty and will; and two others, which come from without, one from the good spirit, and the other from the bad.” The discernment of spirits (1 Jn. 4:1) is then necessary. It requires some help, especially at the beginning, so as not to be deceived by yourselves or by the enemy of God. 

How: Look for a reliable spiritual guide (priest, religious brother or sister, lay person). It is also very advisable to seek a person who possesses the gift of prayer to be your prayer warrior, so that you will be kept in the path of Jesus.