Why not Being a Brother of Saint John?

Feeling at Home.

One of the signs of the vocation to be Brother of Saint John is that you feel at home with our way of life.
It is a spiritual experience. Only in spiritual manner can we discern spiritual realities. If the Holy Spirit
has put in you the charism to be Brother of Saint John, you will recognize in you the same grace that
the brothers of Saint John have.
How: As saint Ignatius of Loyola teaches, one has to discern in him the movement of the Holy
Spirit. If I have learned to listen to the Spirit, I am capable to recognize his gift in me and others.

Witness of Jesus for today’s world.

In today’s world, one could trace back who are his ancestors thanks to his DNA. It is the same with the discerning vocations. You will know our DNA when you experience with us, the same spiritual gift that the Apostle John received. In reading the writings of Saint John, we recognize that we share in the same Spirit. But this gift of the Spirit is for today’s world and therefore involves a new manifestation in our community witnessing. 

How: Read the writings attributed to John: The Gospel, the three apostolic letters and the book of Revelation. You do not need to grasp everything, but to feel at home and share in the same Spirit. 

Our Four Pillars.

We want to live the grace of John in today’s world in four particular domains: prayer, community life,
study and apostolic work. We remain close to Jesus as one loved by Him; sharing His last commandment
to love one another; deepening His Word and wisdom over and over; sharing to others that they are
equally the disciple that Jesus loves.
How: Through silent prayer close to the Blessed Sacrament; through sharing community life
in poverty, chastity and obedience; through lectio divina and studies; through activities at the service
of the Church and all those in need of Christ.