Foster a Strong Relationship with our Lord

Fostering a solid relationship with our Lord through prayer starts by making baby steps.  Living a faithful prayer life is not always easy and can lead us to encounter many obstacles but, in the midst of these difficulties, perseverance is the key.  The Brothers of Saint John have chosen, as consecrated men, to take up this challenge and, by their witness to others of this regular prayer life and the consecration of their time, strive to lead others to Christ.  But, how does one pray?

First, “if we’re going to give all our time to God, then we’ve got to begin by giving certain times to God, to go to certain places to encounter God… which is a way, for the rest of the day, of remaining in God.”  Therefore, an authentic prayer life should keep us rooted in God throughout the entire day, “wherever we are, and whatever time it is.”  If we persevere in a life of prayer by these little but regular efforts to remain present to the Lord, others will be attracted to him as well because a life of prayer is a life with Christ.

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