Behold the Cross of Christ

Behold the Cross of Christ, on which Life conquered death!

Indeed, this year, given the health protocols, we are not allowed to kiss the Cross, but we can only behold the Cross and gaze intimately at Christ crucified.  Last April 1-4, 2021, we celebrated the Paschal Triduum at the St. John Priory in Banawa.  Sadly this year, we can only accommodate very few people for the Holy Week Retreat. Nevertheless, we were still able to accompany Jesus in His Passion, trying our best to follow Him closely and faithfully like the Blessed Mother.

If this Holy Week amidst the pandemic has a special message for us, it is the message of Hope.  Just as Jesus suffered and fell under the weight of the Cross, we too can feel the effects of these troubled times weighing heavily upon us. Yes, we might fall several times, but Jesus teaches us to rise again patiently, bearing all pains with great love.  We too can suffer patiently and lovingly, when we choose to offer our sufferings and unite our pains with Christ Crucified.  Let us remember that Jesus’ story did not end at the Crucifixion. The summit of our journey with Him is the Resurrection.  True enough our life stories do not end when we experience loss, sadness, poverty, and helplessness.  The summit of our journey is when our hearts are transformed to become alive in Christ.  Indeed when we share in His sufferings, we will also share in His glory.

The Lord is risen indeed! Alleluia! Happy Easter!

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