Steps to become a Brother of Saint of John


If you feel attracted to be a brother of Saint John, there are two steps to take that will help you for discernment and preparation to enter our community: Aspirancy and Postulancy.  

The program of Aspirancy if the first step. It gives time for the aspirants to know better the community. It lasts for a minimum of 9 months. After that, when the aspirant is sure, he asks to enter the brothers and thus become a postulant. Postulancy last for 9 months and is the immediate preparation for Novitiate.


This program is open to students and young professionals. As you continue your studies or as you work, you will be joining some of our mission on weekends. We will build up with you a program of life so that you could be a Christian fully equipped (prayer life, bible reading, services to others). Some particular activities and formations will be given in order to help you in your vocational discernment.  

If ever you need to finish your studies, or you still need more time for discernment, you can be an aspirant for a longer time, until we agree together that time is ripe for entering.  

If for some reasons you cannot work or study in Cebu, we will discern together if you could be part of the program as a stay-in aspirant.

How to apply for the Aspirancy program?

  1. Filling of application form (online). Available here:
  2. Letter of request to join the Aspirancy program which includes your motivations to apply to the program (letter to be addressed to Fr John of the Cenacle, Local Superior).
  3. Personal interview with Fr John, Local Superior.
  4. Recommendation letters of two people having responsibility in the Church (Parish priest, Sister, Group leader,…)
  5. REQUIREMENTS #2 and #4 are to be sent to  Fr John of the Cenacle through e-mail: 

Program of Formation for Aspirancy 


Our Postulancy program is intended for those who already stated clearly their desire to be a brother of Saint John. It is a stay-in program in Cebu for 9 months. In this program, postulants continue the mission which they started in aspirancy.  

As a postulant, you are following formations and teachings which prepare you to enter in our community as brother novice.  

Because you are not yet engaged with the community, you can still organize your life freely outside the program’s activities.  

At the end of the program, you need to express freely your desire to enter our community. If your request is granted, you will enter novitiate two months after.