Kaire Group

KAIRE is a friendship of young adult Catholics who seek a living relationship with Christ through formations, missions, and activities that inspire faith, hope and love.

Before christened as KAIRE, the “Young Professionals of St. John” or “Yuppies” was founded on June 15th, 2012 in Cebu City.  It began as a fellowship of young working adults. Guided by the brothers and sisters of the Community of St. John, they shared the desire to deepen their relationship with Christ.

With the expanding membership and maturing charism, it soon out grew its simple beginnings.  After a contemplative retreat of the leadership – together with a brother and sister of St. John, the group was renamed KAIRE.  It comes from the Greek word for “Rejoice” or “Ave” which the Angel Gabriel greeted the Virgin Mary at the Annunciation: “Kaire, Maria, Kecharitomene!” (Rejoice, Mary, Full of Grace!).

KAIRE firmly envisions of joining young adult Catholics in a communion – a sharing of spiritually intimate thoughts and feeling – that radiates the joy of the Gospel and true friendship rooted in Christ.

To realize this vision, KAIRE upholds its mission to:

  1. Invite young adults to build genuine friendship;
  2. Nurture the search for truth in view of a personal commitment to Faith.
  3. Serve the Church and be joyful missionary disciples.

To this day, KAIRE has been faithful to its character as a welcoming and accepting communion; as a spiritual refuge from challenges of being a young adult today; and as a place to search for the Truth and discernment of one’s vocation.

Through formations, bible studies, prayer, adoration, missions, and self-giving activities; KAIRE lives with joy, keeping in their hearts Jesus’ promise in John 16:22 “I will see you again, and your hearts will rejoice. And no one will take your joy away from you.”